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Columbia, SC Irrigation Pump Repair and Installation

At the heart of your irrigation system is the pump. Although it is built to last, your pump is powering a complex system and is exposed to the ever-changing conditions of your yard. That means that it may break down from time to time and require repair. Fortunately, you can always count on Jesse's Well Pump and Filtration to provide top-quality irrigation pump repair in Columbia SC.

Your Irrigation Pump

Your irrigation or sprinkler system is basically a system of pipes with water being pumped through them. The pump is sitting by a water body or attached to your home’s water supply. It siphons off water from its source and pumps it around the system.

The result of this is nice, green grass in a beautiful yard. Using an irritation pump and sprinkler system, you don’t have to worry about keeping your grass watered; it all happens automatically.

Irrigation pump drilling

Common Problems Requiring Sprinkler System Pump Repair in Columbia SC

Despite the simple purpose of your pump, the mechanism can fail in a few ways. Every pump is different, and some are built stronger than others. Nonetheless, there are a few common themes in pump problems.

  • The water supply gets cut off and the pump runs dry. This can cause damage or may simply need servicing to get the siphon running properly.
  • The water in the system freezes, causing cracks or other damage in the pump.
  • Older pumps may simply fail from wear and overuse.
  • Physical damage from weather or an accident may break the pump.

Signs Your Irrigation Pump Needs Repair

Irrigation systems are intended to run mostly autonomously. Since they only receive servicing or winterizing a few times per year, there can be a big gap between times that a professional is checking on the pump. Keeping an eye out for sprinkler system failure can help you to call in help when you need it. These are a few symptoms of problems with your pump:

  • No Water or Not Enough Water: Watch to make sure your sprinkler system is correctly watering your lawn. If your lawn is dry or you see a weak stream from the sprinkler heads, call for help.
  • Uneven Water Distribution: If some of your lawn is getting watered and other parts aren’t, that may indicate a problem with the pump. Again, keep an eye on your system to make sure it is working as intended.
  • Flooding Near Pump: Look to see if there is water pooling around the pump.
  • Visible Damage: If your pump is located somewhere you can easily check on it, look for any signs of damage. Pick up the phone if you see any cracks or leaks.

Irrigation Pump Installation in Columbia SC

Sometimes pumps and irrigation systems need to be completely replaced. You can count on Jesse's Well Pump and Filtration to handle this process for you. We use licensed South Carolina well drillers for all well drilling that is conducted.

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