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Well Pump Repair Installation Services by Professionals You Can Trust

When a well is your source for your home’s water, you need it to work. If something goes wrong, you need experts you can trust to complete quality repairs and installations in a timely manner. Jesse’s Well Repairs understands how important it is to get your well up and running. Rest assured, our professionals get the job done right, ensuring your well supplies your household with safe drinking water.

Our Service Areas

We are a locally owned business, serving local communities. At Jesse’s Well Repair, we are passionate about providing excellent customer service to those who live in our area.

Well Pump Repair & Installation Services in Gaston, SC

When you have water quality or supply issues in Gaston, SC, our pros are just a phone call, and a short distance, away. Our business is located in Gaston, and we offer repair and replacement services for any type of well issue you experience.

Well Pump Repair & Installation Services in Pelion, SC

Our nearby neighbors in Pelion are part of our community as well. Your water needs are important to you, and they are important to us. Whether you need a minor electrical repair or a complete wet installation, you can count on us to attend to your needs as if they were our own.

Well Pump Repair & Installation Services in Swansea SC

Need a part replaced or a new filter or pump installed in Swansea? Jesse’s Well Repair has you covered. Our professionals will bring our knowledge and services to your own backyard. We will work to get your well operating and clean water flowing as soon as possible.

Well Pump Repairs

Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to resolve water pump issues. Often the problem does not require a complete replacement and can be solved through repairs or part replacements. If you have a pump that won’t shut off, the water pulses when it flows or there is no water, it is possible that your pump is damaged and requires repairs to get the water flowing as it should.

Well Pump Replacements

Sometimes, the damage to the pump cannot be repaired and instead must be replaced. Here are some symptoms that might indicate a replacement is in order:

  • Discolored water
  • Water that has a bad odor
  • High water bills that can’t be explained
  • A noisy pump
  • Air spurting out of your faucet
  • Pressure reduction in your expansion tank

Contact Your Local Professionals

When you have issues with your well water quality or supply, it is important to get expert assistance quickly to prevent more extensive and costly damage. Contact Jesse’s Well Repair today at (803) 585-9001 for quick and reliable service on your well.

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