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Your One Stop Shop for Water Filtration Service in Columbia and Lexington

At Jesse’s Well & Pump Repair, we go the extra mile to ensure your water filtration needs are met. As your professionals for whole house water filtration service in Columbia and Lexington, we are prepared to complete your job, no matter the size. Whether you’re looking for someone to install well water filtration, need your reverse osmosis system repaired or are looking for some advice on how to maintain your current set up, let us show you why we’re the company you can count on.

Whole House Filtration Systems

Whole house filtration systems are tied in at the main water line, thus resulting in filtered water throughout the entire house. This benefits you when getting a drink of water, taking a bath, doing the laundry, washing dishes and a variety of other ways. Because a point of entry (POE) system is installed before the water is dispersed to different locations, your cold and hot water are both clean.

Whole house filtration systems
Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System Installations

When it comes to reverse osmosis system installation and repair in Lexington and Columbia, nobody beats Jesse’s Well & Pump Repair. We understand the way reverse osmosis works, and it’s different than other types of filtration. Being forced through a semi-permeable membrane, your water can be rid of lead, detergents, fluoride, pesticides and other impurities. This leaves it safer and better tasting.

Well Water Filtration Systems

Well water filtration in Columbia, SC, targets certain contaminants that you might not worry about had you not pulled from a well. In some situations the water will be higher in iron and sediment. Our professionals are experienced at installing well water filtration systems, repairing damage to them and helping our customers keep them maintained for the best quality water.

Well Water Filtration Systems

Water Softeners

Do you have to use more soap when bathing or washing dishes? Notice a cloudy film in your shower or bath? This could be a sign of hard water.

Hard water is when the groundwater has picked up minerals like magnesium and calcium from the earth. High levels of calcium can cause pipes to clog and can interfere with the functions of your household appliances.

If you have hard water you need a water softener system. A water softener system removes the elements magnesium and calcium from the water when the water passes through the water softening system's resin bed. The removal process allows only the softened water to pass through to the pipes and appliances in your home.

10 Advantages of a Water Softener

  • 1. Hair and skin friendly
  • 2. Better tasting water
  • 3. Less maintenance of appliances
  • 4. Save money(less soap, less maintenance on appliances or water lines
  • 5. No more water spots
  • 6. Cuts cleaning time in half
  • 7. No more staining and build up on fixtures
  • 8. Soft water is better on clothes. The clothes last longer and keep their color and shape.
  • 9. No scaling or build up in hot water heater. The water heats up faster and gives you a 30% savings a year
  • 10. Cleaner dishes, cups and silverware

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